v50 1998



Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:1-14.

Multiparameter Analysis of Commercial “Aloe Vera” Materials and Comparison to Aloe barbadensis Miller Extracts
Ronald P. Pelley, Wen Jun Martini, D.Q. Liu, Zhucheng Yang, Steven Rachui, Kuei-Mei Li, Todd A. Waller and Faith M. Strickland

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:15-19.

Comparisons of Fruit Shape of ‘Rio Red’ and ‘Henderson’ Grapefruit, Citrus paradisi Macf., in Texas
Julian W. Sauls

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:20-25.

Ascospore Release of Mycosphaerella caryigena and Downy Spot Disease Occurrence on Pecan Groves in Central Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Nora Solis-Gracia, David Cortes-Ortega, and Mario A. Rocha-Pena

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:26-36.

Citrus Tristeza Virus: Events That Occur Before, During and After the Disease Epidemics
Mario A. Rocha-Pena, Francisco M. Ochoa-Corona, Juan Pablo Martinez-Soriano, Chester N Roistacher and Richard F. Lee


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:37-40.

Variations of Fruit Quality Characteristics and Yield in Okra (Abelmoschus eschlentus) Cultivars
Arturo Diaz-Franco, Alfredo S. Ortegon-Morales and Hector M. Cortinas-Escobar

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:41-44.

Comparison of Three Analytical Methods for Measurement of Onion Pungency
Josefina Alcala, Kil Sun Yoo, Leonard M. Pike and Rick W. Jones


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:45-48.

The Effect of Micronutrients and GA on the Growth of Phalaenopsis Seedlings in vitro
Elizabeth Cardenas C. and Yin-Ting Wang


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:49-53.

Kenaf Response to Herbicides in the Rio Grande Valley
James R. Smart and Randy J. Coleman


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:54-57.

Resistance to Azinphosmethyl and Reversion to Susceptibility by a Soil Weevil (Curculionidae: Coleoptera) Population
D.A. Wolfenbarger, H.W. Ray and E.J. Villavoso

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:58-62.

Insecticidal Control of Thrips on Onions in South Texas: Insecticide Selection and Application Methodology
Alton N. Sparks, Jr., Juan R. Anciso, David G. Riley and Cliff Chambers

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 50:63-66.

Development of Effective Chemical Controls for Aphid Vectors of Viruses on Citrus
Barbara A. Cutrer. J. Victor French and Santiago Villareal