v47 1995




Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:7-11.

Tolerance of Citrus Rootstocks to Lime-induced Jron Chlorosis
David H. Byrne, Robert E. Rouse and Sudahono

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:12-25.

Post-Harvest Treatment of Citrus, Mango and Other Fruits: Status of Quarantine Security Against Anastrepha Species (Diptera: Tephritidae)
Dan A. Wolfenbarger

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:26-29.

Phosphine as a Post-Harvest Treatment of ‘Ruby-Red’ Grapefruit Against Eggs and Larvae of the Mexican Fruit Fly. Anastrepha ludens (Deptera: Tephritidae)
D. A. Wolfenbarger

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:30-33.

Performance of Low-Chill Japanese Plums in Subtropical Texas
Kimberly J. Strong and David H. Byrne

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:34-38.

A Two-Year Study Monitoring Several Physical and Chemical Properties of Field-grown Aloe harbadensis Miller Leaves
Yin-Tung Wang and Kimberly J. Strong



Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:39-45.

Melon Cultivar Response to Beniisia
David G. Riley

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:46-52.

Effect of Various Nutrients on In Vitro Growth of a Chromogenic Isolate of Macrophominia phaseolina from Cantaloupe Fruit
B. D. Bruton, C. L. Biles, and J. R. Dunlap

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:53-58.

Occurrence of Primary Insect Pests in Relation to Yellow Vine, A New Disease of Squash and Pumpkin
B. D. Bruton, S. D. Pair, T. W. Popham and B. Cartwright

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 47:59-64.

Pepper Fertilization Practices in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
Bob Wiedenfeld, Lynn Brandenberger and Don Makus