v48 1996



Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:1-4.

Cell Wall Degrading Enzyme Activity in Ripening Red Raspberry FruitVictor M. Guerrero~Prieto, Charles L. Biles, Marisa M. Wall and Robert D. Berghage

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:5-9.

Cassava (Manihot eseulenta, Crantz) Establishment and Adaptability in the Rio Grande Valley.D. J. Makus

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:10-15.

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:16-18.

A Leaf Disk Clearing and Staining Technique to Quantify Ascospores of Mycosphaerella citri in Young Citrus Leaves


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:19-21.

Perceptions of Integrated Pest Management Practices for Cucurbit Pests by South Texas Growers
Tony Barrientos and Juan R. Anciso


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:22-24.

Pungency Responses of Ten Onion Cultivars Grown in the Rio Grande Valley During Three Growing Seasons at Two Locations

Brian K. Hamilton, Josefina Alcalã, Kil S. Yoo, Leonard M. Pike and Rick W. Jones

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:25-28.

Effect of Insecticides on Okra, Squash and Southern Pea Seeds
Jesus Loera-G and A. Diaz-F

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:29-32.

Changes in Sugar Concentration in Onion Scales during Storage at Selected Temperatures and after Transfer to 27°C
Ku Sun Yoo, Leonard M. Pike, Craig R. Anderson and B. Greg Cobb

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:33-37.

Identification of RAPD Markers in a Population of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgar/s. L.) Segregating for Iron Chlorosis Resistance
Hector M. Cortinas-Escobar, James J. Giovannoni and Creighton Miller, Jr

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:38-42.

Stored Short Day Onions are Adversely Affected by High Preharvest Levels of Purple Blotch and Thrips
P. Perkins-Veazie, J. K. Collins, B. D. Bruton, M. E. Miller, B. O. Cartwright and J. V. Edelson

Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:43-48.

Foreign Exploration for Natural Enemies of Bemisia tabaci from Southeast Asia
J. C. Legaspi, B. C. Legaspi, Jr., R. I. Carruthers, J. Goolsby, W. A. Jones, A. A. Kirk, C. Moomaw, T. J. Poprawski, R. A. Ruiz, N. S. Talekar and D. Vacek


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:49-56.

Greenhouse and Subsequent Landscape Growth Responses of Petunia and Pansy to Container Size, Copper-Coated Containers, and Extended Production Times
Michael A. Arnold and Harvey J. Lang


Subtropical Plant Sci. J. 48:57-61.

Cypermethrin and the Tobacco Budworm: Two Approaches to Determine Sample Sizes Required to Estimate Mortalities of Moths Bioassayed in Vials