v66 2015

Subtropical Agriculture and Environments 66:1-6.2015

Salinity Evaluation for Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) Grafted with Different Rootstocks

Catherine R. Simpson, Stephen King, Shad D. Nelson, John Jifon, Greta Schuster1, Astrid Volder

 Subtropical Agriculture and Environments 66:7-15.2015

Rationale for Classical Biological Control of Cattle Fever Ticks and Proposed Methods for Field Collection of Natural Enemies

John A. Goolsby, Dennis T. Mays , Greta L. Schuster, Javid Kashefi, L. Smith, D. Amalin, M. CruzFlores, A. Racelis, and A.A Pérez de León

Subtropical Agriculture and Environments 66:16-22.2015

Mycorrhizal symbiosis produces changes in specific flavonoids in leaves of pepper plant (Capsicum annum L.)

N. S. A. Malik*, A. Nuñez and L. C. McKeever

Subtropical Agriculture and Environments 66:23-26.2015

An Acid-Bath Technique to Break Seed Dormancy in Common Sunflower, Helianthus L. annuus (Asteraceae)

Yuridia Patricia Gandy, Michael W. Persans Kenneth R. Summy

Subtropical Agriculture and Environments 66:27-36.2015

Detection of Temporal Changes in Vegetative Cover on South Padre Island, Texas Using Image Classifications Derived from Aerial Col-or-Infrared Photographs

Rubén A. Mazariegos , Kenneth R. Summy, Frank W. Judd,
Robert I Lonard, and James H. Everitt