— Juan Anciso

2017 Recipient of the Arthur T. Potts Award

Dr Juan Anciso jpeg

Dr. Juan Anciso

Dr. Juan Anciso graduated from Texas A&M with a doctorate in Plant Pathology in 1989. That same year he joined the Texas Agriculture extension service assigned to work with both citrus and vegetable IPM. Today he is an extension vegetable specialist and associate professor, teaching a course in agronomy. He has trained many young agriculture specialists that work today in South Texas. Juan is the author of more than 50 Extension publications. He developed IPM protocols for all of the Valley’s vegetable crops against the major pests and diseases.  When food poisoning became an issue with green leafy vegetables, Juan documented that Valley irrigation water used for vegetable production is free of E. coli and Salmonella most likely due to UV radiation of water in open canals. Juan has also provided guidance with newer specialty crops. For example, he has conducted Extension field days for wine grape production. As the newest Arthur T. Potts Award recipient, Juan joins an illustrious group of agronomists and scientists recognized for their significant contributions to valley agriculture.