2017 Meeting

Dr. Don Thomas, (on the left) (USDA)  President SAES

John Goolsby, (on the right) (USDA) Secretary SAES

71th  Annual meeting of the

 Subtropical Agriculture and Environments Society – Speakers

  1. Barry Goldsmith, (not pictured), NOAA, Meteorological update for LRGV Agriculture
  2. Christopher Gabler, (not pictured),(UTRGV Brownsville) ‘Impacts of climate change on coastal ecosystems in south Texas and beyond’                                  
  3.  John Thomas, (not pictured),(UTRGV – Edinburg) ‘Evaluation of a Novel Animal Model for Zika Virus’
  4. Evan Braswell, (second from left),(USDA-APHIS) ‘Development of a CRISPR-based anti microbial for HLB‘; Braswell SAES 2017 Abstract
  5. Ismael Badillo,(second from the right), (AgriLife) ‘Forging new tools for the war against Bactericera cockerelli and “Candidatus Liberibacter solanacearum’
  6. Andrew Chow, (middle), (TAMUK) ‘Development and  field evaluation of a system for autodissemination of entomopathogenic fungi to control the Asian citrus psyllid on residential citrus’; Chow SAES 2017 Abstract
  7. Tripti Vashisth( not pictured) (Univ. of Florida-IFAS) ‘Citrus Production under Huanglongbing prevalent’