v65 2013

Subtropical Plant Science 65:1-7.2013

On-Farm Performance of Tensiometer and Granular Matrix Soil Moisture Sensors
in Irrigated Light, Medium, and Heavy Textured Soils

Hugo Perea, Juan Enciso, John Jifon, Shad Nelson, and Carlos Fernandez


Subtropical Plant Science 65:8-14.2013

Opportunistic Pathogenic Bacteria Colonize Thorns of Native Rio Valley Plants

Felicia A. Charles, Sergio Cepeda, J. Andrew McDonald,  and Kristine L. Lowe.

Subtropical Plant Science 65:15-23.2013

Alternative Flood Irrigation Strategies That Improve
Water Conservation in Citrus

Shad D. Nelson, Juan M. Enciso, Hugo Perea, Mamoudou Sétamou,

Lhou Beniken , Mac Young and Clinton F. Williams

Subtropical Plant Science 65:24-30.2013

Spinach leaf quality and yield is improved by supplemental gypsum application
in two soil types in semi-arid South Texas

Donald J. Makus

Subtropical Plant Science 65:31-37.2013

Arthropod abundance and diversity in street trees of south Texas,USA

Alex E. Racelis,  Ann Vacek,  Carol Goolsby,  John Goolsby

Subtropical Plant Science 65:38-44.2013

Mitigating Predatory Ants Promotes Establishment of Biological Control of
Arundo by Arundo Scale in the Cattle Fever Tick Quar-antine Zone

Velez-Bonner, W.L.A. Osbrink, , K.R. Summy, D.W. Thomas,

A.T. Showler, A. Pérez de León , and J.A. Goolsby